What is the best way to write a travel journal?

Travelling is a fulfilling activity that provides you mental satisfaction and relaxation. You get to have multiple unique experiences and observe new cultures. The experience becomes more enjoyable when you decide to keep a Travel Journal. You can preserve all the information regarding the trips, memories, stories, and discoveries you have made during travelling. The main purpose of writing a travel journal is to remember the experiences and reflect on them later on. You can apply the valuable lessons you have learned during travelling in other parts of life. Now the question is which way is the best to write a travel journal. Here are some useful tips which will help you to write the journal in the best way.

Write it when it is still fresh

It is the best tip for writing a Travel Journal. Because of this, you can remember more details about the events and places. There is no need to write long stories, but highlighting the key events will make it more exciting. You can write the details before going to bed every night just to your routine journal. It will help to make a better reflection of your experience, and you can encounter the future situations in a much better way.

Make a captivating story

No one wants to hear about the description of surroundings and the activities you have done at a particular place. If you write it in a descriptive style, it will become boring. To make an attractive story, write it in a way which grabs the attention of more readers and keep them involved in it. Only record the important details and leave the rest of them, they are definitely of no use. You can use the dialogue way of writing. The more conversational appeal will give a nice touch.

Scraping and adding photos

It is the best way of making it more interesting. You can add the labels, tickets, receipts, attractive scenes and many other such things to give it a lively look. It is rightly said that a picture worth thousand words. A comprehensive look will be given to the journal at the end, and you can easily upload the pictures on the online journals. Just make a right set of connection among the words and organise the pictures accordingly. You can write about what was happening when that particular picture was taken and details like that.

Adding the details like what was the basic inspiration behind going to that trip, what were your expectations before setting out the journey or how you feel after exploring so many things will make your Travel Journal worth noticing. You can add the things that capture your interest because it is YOUR travel journal and it should contain the details about how you perceive those things. Make the journal as interesting as real travelling is. If you think that it is becoming boring then explores new ways to make it enjoyable.

Man behind the name of Adgeco Group

Whenever we see anything that is successful, there is endless hard work and determination of somebody, and that effort must be appreciated. So is the case is any large empire working in the world. One of the successful businesses working in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates is the Adgeco Group, and the man who has worked really hard to take this to such a high level is none other than Mohamed Dekkak. His organization is really diverse, and his business covers such a great range of areas that are hard to imagine. From the field of oil and gas to the chemicals and event management, Adgeco group is playing its role. All these things are done because of the strategic decision making of his amazing personality. He has won many awards in the field of business and industry not only in the United Arab Emirates but also across the national boundaries.

In this article, we will give you some of the detailed information about Mohamed Dekkak that will help you in understanding the milestones he has achieved. When you look at the list most successful Arabs over the past few years, his name will definitely be the one among them. He is not only the chairperson and co-founder of Adgeco Group but also many other business foundations working internationally. These foundations are working day and night to bring lots of developments in the world and due to these efforts his net worth has reached to sky height levels.

Personality traits

When we talk about personality the first thing that clicks our mind are the physical traits. The height of Mohamed Dekkak is 6 feet and 2 inches with the weight of 165 pounds. In the case of hair, the length of hairs is small, and they are of black color. His eyes color is black. The body is of average shape and not obese. He has a grip on English, Arabic, and Fresh which gives him a lot of advantage in the field of business. Along with all these physical traits, he is a man who looks great regarding personality. With such an amazing personality he has done MBA and is utilizing all those skills efficiently in the field of business.


Mohamed Dekkak is basically a businessman from Moroccan, including the other activities of investment and philanthropy. He is working overseas for a long period of time. With the excellent academic career he has, he is working as an entrepreneur and gaining success in the field of life. He has started many collaborative partnerships with the multi-national organizations, and they have succeeded so far. Having such a great background, he has a great potency to succeed in business. All these qualities explain the reasons behind his wonderful character and incredible achievements.

Business sense

Whenever you are going to start a new business, it is not the investment amount that you should have, there are also a lot more things that matter. You should have the right set of skills and loyal partners. If you completely know about the market you are going to target, half of your problem is solved. Considering the odds at the right time is the most important thing. You can only double your investment when you have the right instinct to decide when to make the decision about penetration and any kind of integration. These are the traits that are present in this great man in the perfect amount.

Dekkak has the potential of investing the money in the right set of start-ups and gaining maximum profit with the appropriate manpower. He has a great understanding of the international market that provides him the capability of collaborating with the multi-nationals and handle all the ups and downs thoroughly. With the multilingual ability, he has the grip on multi-cultural people, and this helps in handling a wide range of businesses. When you start a business, you have no surety that this will be successful, but with the qualities possessed by Dekkak, he can reduce the possibility of losses to a greater level.

Adgeco group

Adgeco group is the business venture started by Mohamed Dekkak in 1992. The nature of this business is a consultancy firm. It refers the international firms about the ideas and perfect tricks to start their business in UAE and then carry that business successfully. The main purpose of this organization is to provide result-oriented solutions. They hold the specialization in providing solutions for an extensive range of businesses including construction, oil, gas, energy, desalination, sewage and much more. The main goal of this organization is to achieve the customer satisfaction by enhancing the productivity level and performance of clients in the form so successful business ventures.

Not only the ideas but the marketing, sales and promotional solutions are provided in the best manner that improves the success and publicity of business. The establishment and penetration of the business are improved by following certain techniques efficient in the particular business community. All your business operations run smoothly with the help of strategies developed through the business venture of Mohamed Dekkak. They work as partners and provide the perfect opportunities for you to succeed. There is not only the planning and promotions but also a wide variety of operations that are carried out in the local as well as international organizations.

Charitable activities

The company places maximum focus on the activities that needs to be done at the present time. There are right properties set, and all the activities are delivered to the persons who need them the most. In this way, the success rate increases to a much greater level. These activities help in many ways by improving the brand worth and trust of people in the organization. People have faith and complete their restricted tasks with the help of efficient services provided by these organizations. There are many other business ventures started by Mohamed Dekkak that are remarkable.

Associations and memberships working with his system

His organization is involved in endless projects that show great success over time. This is the basic quality of a prosperous entrepreneur that he understands the odds and outs maximum effort in turning the venture into a victory. Some of the business affiliations and partnerships that are working under his name are as follows. These will help you in understanding about the challenges and how he cope up with all of them.

APC (Arab Peace Corps)

Mohamed Dekkak works as a chairperson in this venture and puts a lot of effort to resolve all the hurdles through the solid level of determination. With the wide set of experience possessed by him over some years, he is able to know about the nature and acts of Arab people. This helps him a lot in resolving the issues and maintaining the peace. He has the credit of many initiatives to improve the sector of education that ultimately leads to the improvement of security and peace in the society. He has always promoted the sense of change a contributed at his best in making improvements in society in this regard. Through the channel of APC, he is taking guard of this difficult task. He heartily welcomes all the youth in participating in the development and improvement of a project carried out by APC. The people acting the best gets rewards for their performance. There is a noble cause that is behind the development of this organization, and many business and governmental firms support it in this regard.

Wydad Athletic Club

Another fact about the personality of Mohamed Dekkak is that he is a big fan of football. To carry out his passion, he has initiated this club. Dekkak works as the board member of this organization and manages all kinds of foreign affairs as well as marketing campaigns. The football team of this club is so famous that it has also been selected to play for the national team. The team of Wydad has done an excellent performance that it has almost 38 awards won over few years. There are many international fans of this team because of being the most successful team in the country. The membership of this board was acquired in the session of 2014 to 2015. In spite of the busy schedule, he takes out time for his passion for football. He has a strong belief that football can be that distraction to keep people out of their distress.

Union Road Association of Handicaps

This is also a great initiative in addition to all the other business start-ups. This works as a not for profit organization and welfare group. This company provides awareness to people and makes them realize that the handicapped persons can also work in every field of life because they are mentally healthy. There are many resources through which proper research is conducted to provide a right environment to physically disabled people. People provide their help and do whatever they can to empower other people. Equivalent opportunities are provided to all people, and they are judges on same parameters regardless of any physical disability.

Spanish business council

This is basically a non-profit organization working in the United Arab Emirates. This provides a strong platform for people to carry out their cultural relationships. This organization is basically established to have the best business relations among the people of Spain and the United Arab Emirates. This was developed in 2005. This has a strong support of the Spanish Embassy as well as the commercial office of Spain. The improvement in business is also a great benefit of this organization. There are many successful business initiatives taking place in the community through the work of this organization.

AmCham Abu Dhabi

This organization was joined by Mohamed Dekkak as a member. The American Chambers of Commerce working worldwide has a connection to this network. This initiative improves the investment opportunities, business and favor between the United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi and the United States of America. This has great power in the field of business and promotes business to a great level with the help of world’s greatest and profitable companies.

Awards and achievements

With all these milestones, Mohamed Dekkak has won many honors in the field of business as well as social communities. Multiple awards presented to him over the past few years are as follows.

  • In January 2009, he won a medal from the Institute of King Abdullah University of Science and Technology.
  • He had also achieved Star Gold Award in October 2015. This was presented through the Institute for Professional Excellence In Spain. This was given in recognition of his contributions to the Spain and institutions promoting business activities.
  • In 2006 January he was awarded by Chonma-Chong Gold Crown. This award was presented by the Korean Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  • Intellectual property Aram IP forum present in Abu Dhabi United Arab Emirates also presented him with the award of recognition and certificate of gratitude.
  • French award of Brigade De-Repression Du Banditisme was honored to him in 2005 by the French police.

Because of all these amazing things he has done in his life he is also known as a man of excellence. He has such a wide experience in every field of life that presents him with the benefit in the areas of business, commerce, and profitability.


His organization has a huge importance in the United Arab Emirates as well as in North East and North Africa areas. Not only in the field of business but he has also played his role in the social and charitable tasks. Many innovative ideas have been developed by him and his business which shows his wide interests and eligibility to control many things at a time. He is no doubt a shining star of the Economic world. The commitment to work has made him so much noticeable that his contributions are appreciated in every community including the local as well as international areas.